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  • Alyona Pyoryshkina, Head of the Civil 20 Secretariat in 2013

Civil 20 sums up its work during Russia's G20 Presidency

Alyona Pyoryshkina, Head of the Civil 20 Secretariat in 2013, spoke on how the subjects were chosen for discussion by Civil 20 during Russia's G20 Presidency and shared working plans for next year.

The agenda was focused on such issues as financial literacy, along with combatting corruption, international development assistance and ensuring social inclusion, Pyoryshkina said. "Social inclusion implies availability of healthcare services, education, social protection - these issues had not been traditionally considered by the G20, but are of essential importance," she stressed.

To make our work most effective, Think 20 and Civil 20 merged their efforts, Alyona Pyoryshkina said, adding that this format has proven effective. Australia, which has taken over as Chair of the G20, has to support international civil society's direct participation in the Summit more actively. "Personal participation is very important, as it serves as the basis for open dialog," Pyoryshkina noted. Also, the Troika format should be retained next year, the Head of the Civil 20 Secretariat said.

Pyoryshkina also expressed confidence that despite the lack of official status for the Civil 20 so far, Australia would continue this practice. "The fact that we were part of the official program for the first time this year is a landmark. Of course, each country has the right to create its own policy - but I believe that next year we will work with our Australian colleagues to consolidate this format as an official part of the Summit," she concluded.

Full version of the interview you can find here (only Russian version)