27 November 2013

Alexander Shokhin: It is important for the B20 recommendations to be reflected in the G20 Summit documents

Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and Chair of the Business 20 in 2013, discussed with RIA Novosti what the G20 business community had achieved throughout the year and its future tasks.

In Mr. Shokhin's view, Russia's leadership in the Business 20 managed to cope with its tasks during the Russian G20 Presidency year. "We have contributed to the formation of the agenda and the decision-making process, as well as to further development of the dialogue between the business community and the G20. We must also acknowledge the stance of the Russian Presidency, which had brought outreach cooperation to the new level," he said.

Mr. Shokhin reminded that the Business 20 representatives took part in numerous meetings of different formats in 2013, i.e. regular joint sessions with the G20 task forces, meetings with Sherpas, Finance and Labour Ministers and so on. "This meticulous, almost daily work reached its peak during the meeting of the business community representatives with the G20 Leaders during the Summit in St.Petersburg," he noted.

Mr. Shokhin explained that the primary goal of the Business 20 pertained to making an impact on the G20 agenda and the decision-making process, so that the decisions corresponded with the interests of the business community.

"It is important for our recommendations to be reflected in the documents endorsed at the G20 Summits and other meetings. All in all, 53% of our recommendations have been included as specific decisions or mentioned in the St.Petersburg Summit final documents. Needless to say, this ratio varies from one sphere to the other, but it was fairly high with respect to the top priorities of the G20 and the Business 20, such as macroeconomics, investment, financial regulation, and employment," as pointed out by Mr. Shokhin.

Mr. Shokhin stressed that that impressive outcomes of the Business 20 work were achieved through a balanced approach to agenda-setting, which largely coincided with the long-term G20 objectives and the priorities of the Russian Presidency. He also mentioned a very productive cooperation between the Business 20 and the Labour 20.

Particular attention was paid, according to Mr. Shokhin, to enhancing cooperation between the business community and governments, and to promoting a structured B20-G20 dialogue. Consistency, continuity, and coordination between different presidencies would play a key role in the long-term perspective.

"It will take at least three years of consistent cooperation to implement many of our proposals. To achieve this, we should adopt a three-year strategy of cooperation between the G20 and the Business 20. We have tried to set the stage for this in our White Book," Mr. Shokhin concluded.

Full version of the interview you can find here (only Russian version)