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  • Conference "Comprehensive Approach to Social Protection and Food Security for Sustainable Development"

The conference on social protection and food security took place in Moscow

On October 21-22 October, 2013 in Moscow Russia's G20 Presidency in cooperation with the World Bank hosted the International Conference "Comprehensive Approach to Social Protection and Food Security for Sustainable Development".

The agenda of the meeting was focused on the discussion of the role of the comprehensive social protection systems for sustainable development which include food security and human resource development programs for poor and vulnerable population. Best national practices of social protection programs design and implementation were presented during the event.

The conference brought together participants from about 30 countries representing both G20 and non-G20 partner countries, international organizations, development agencies and NGOs.

The meeting provided a solid platform for discussion on best practice approaches to social protection and food security for achieving sustainable development.

The conference demonstrated outstanding demand through extended involvement of implementing partners and thus exposed participants to the first hand practice and lessons learned on design and implementation of national social protection programs. The role of social protection as a cross cutting instrument in ensuring poverty reduction, food security and human development was emphasized thought the practical examples. The cases studies were presented by speakers from Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Bihar, Pakistan, Cambodia, Fiji, Haiti, Mongolia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Vietnam, Jordan.

The conference was largely contributed to the G20 outreach agenda involving all interested stakeholders in discussion of development and implementation of the cross cutting approach to food security, human resource development and social protection. That was resulted in the final Chairs' Summary.