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  • The Russian G20 Sherpa, Chief of the Presidential Experts’ Directorate Ksenia Yudaeva

Ksenia Yudaeva: labour activation and job creation will contribute to economic growth

Promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and ensuring quality employment - these tasks of the Labour 20 go along with the priorities of the Russian G20 Presidency, the Russian G20 Sherpa and Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate Ksenia Yudaeva said at the L20 Summit. "I am convinced that labour activation and job creation will contribute to economic growth", - she emphasized.

The Russian Sherpa reminded that in the G20 countries more than 200 million people were unemployed and this number was not decreasing. The employment situation differs in different countries, but all countries face the same major problems at the labour market. Long-term unemployment is most acute in the advanced economies; informal employment in turn is a big issue in the emerging economies. In some countries protection of workers is duly advanced, while in others it is not the case.

"Our joint task is not in inventing some ideal unified prescriptions - how to meet all the challenges and make everyone happy. Our task is to formulate a set of various recommendations, out of which countries could select those that are the most relevant options in line with their own circumstances and priorities", - Ksenia Yudaeva admitted.

She also noted that the Labour 20 recommendations are already incorporated in various G20 working groups' processes and will be reflected in the agenda of the G20 Labour Ministers Meeting and the discussions during their joint meeting with the Finance Ministers. Likewise, the issues of job creation, protecting people from poverty, social exclusion and violation of their human rights will be an essential part of the G20 Leaders Summit in September.

"We believe that an integrated public policy approach could significantly help in balancing labour supply and labour demand with social protection and result in cost effective and efficient job creation and employment growth", - the Russian Sherpa said and stressed the necessity for the G20 countries to implement integrated and coordinated macroeconomic, financial and social policies.

"The role of the Business 20 and Labour 20 is to provide authorities with their first-hand knowledge of the most acute labour and employment issues, to suggest how better address these issues and help the Governments to implement their labour market programs", - Ksenia Yudaeva concluded.