20 June 2013

The Y20 recommendations were presented to the Russian G20 Sherpa

On June 20, 2013 the delegates of the Y20 Russia 2013 Summit, being held in St.Petersburg, presented their final Communiqué to Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva.

"Nowadays it is important to exercise new thinking for global policy, economic and social sphere, - the Russian Sharpa noted. - The advantage of the youth is that they can put forward non-conventional suggestions and generate fresh ideas. That's what the elder generation needs today to solve the G20 issues."

The recommendations outlined in the Communiqué emphasize the necessity to elaborate measures for strengthening financial and economic multipolarity of the world, and to implement reforms linked with the activities of the IMF and the Financial Stability Board.

The Y20 also recommends implementing a number of measures on youth unemployment. In particular, it is suggested to establish a unified G20 countries unemployment and job vacancies database for youth. The need to develop practical and employable skills to match the requirements of the modern labor market by stimulating industry-specific training is another point of emphasis of the Communiqué. Likewise, it is suggested to support implementing basic financial education and entrepreneurship courses in schools and reviewing the standards of financial literacy.

Finally, the Y20 delegates recommend to consider the ways to provide public support for the projects on sustainable development, including through public procurement, and urge the G20 Leaders to foster public and private sector investments in energy efficient infrastructures.

"These recommendations, probably not all of them, will be included in the final Communiqué of the G20 Leaders. We will do our best to implement the proposals of the youth," - Ksenia Yudaeva concluded.