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  • G20 Russia 2013

The Second G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting was held in Ottawa

On June 6-7, 2013 the Second G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) Meeting was held in Ottawa (Canada). At the meeting draft G20 Leaders' Statement language on fighting corruption was considered, along with the Progress report. The group also discussed other documents being prepared for the G20 Leaders' consideration at the St.Petersburg Summit.

The proposals of the Russian Federation that had been put forward at the Moscow meeting in February were thoroughly discussed at the meeting. The ACWG agreed to provide further comments on the OECD Issues Paper on Anti-Corruption and Economic Growth, and convey the revised draft to the G20 Sherpas for consideration at their next meeting on July 25-26 in St.Petersburg. Additionally, the High Level Principles on Mutual Legal Assistance were endorsed by the group.

The efforts to fight corruption in organization of sporting, cultural and other major international events were welcomed, including the Russian initiative on creating Global Alliance for Integrity in Sports. The Group committed to continue the analytical work on combating corruption in selling state-owned property based on the paper on risk mapping of corruption in the privatization process provided by the World Bank at request of the Russian G20 Presidency. Finally, the ACWG approved of the Strategic Framework for the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group for presentation at the St.Petersburg Summit.

A separate session was organized to discuss further cooperation with Business 20 and Civil 20. The recommendations of both groups of social partners were presented to the Group. The ACWG agreed to continue its dialogue with the Business 20 and the Civil 20 at each of its forthcoming meetings.

Other important documents considered and endorsed at the meeting include the Guiding Principles on Enforcement of Bribery Offences and Guiding Principles on Solicitation. They will also be reviewed by the Sherpas at the meeting in July. The Denial of Entry Network contact list was completed and the Group agreed to circulate it to the concerned officials within national governments.

Taking the results of the meeting into account the Group finalized the drafts of paragraphs on fighting corruption for inclusion in the G20 Leaders' Statement, and the Progress report. Both documents will be presented to the Sherpas as well.

The next ACWG Meeting is to be held in Paris in October. The ACWG will consider a number of papers that were preliminary discussed in Ottawa on such issues as transparency and beneficial ownership of legal entities¸ asset disclosure and anti-corruption education including the work of the International Anti-Corruption Academy.