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  • Business 20 Russia 2013

The Business 20 Summit will be held in Saint Petersburg

On June 20, 2013 the Business 20 Summit entitled "В20-G20 Partnership for Economic Growth and Employment" will be held as part of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Summit will bring together over 500 leading businessmen from Russia and abroad and world's leading experts on global economy.

To develop businesses' recommendations for the global leaders best, 7 task forces have been established for the period of Russia's B20 Presidency. Their task was to work out recommendations on investments and infrastructure, anti-corruption, financial system, trade, innovation, job creation and investment in human capital with special emphasis placed on cooperation between G20 and Business 20.

"The B20/G20 dialogue has taken off gathering its momentum. Throughout the Russian Presidency, the Business 20 has been focusing on the measures to encourage growth and promote flexible labour market. To this end, we need to overcome protectionism in trade, boost investment in infrastructure, achieve maximum transparency, restore confidence in the financial sector and create new jobs. We'll be bringing the B20 recommendations to the table for a wide discussion during the Business 20 Summit in St.Petersburg. There we will have a unique opportunity to take on board the opinion of the leading Russian and foreign experts to finalize the recommendations - the so-called White Book to be handed over to the G20 Leaders", said the Business 20 Chairman and the RSPP President Alexander Shokhin.

The Business 20 Summit will include open task force sessions where the task forces will present their recommendations and offer them for public discussion. After that, the task forces will be joining each other for the B20 plenary session given over to the discussion of the necessary preconditions for a new global economic development mode that may help secure sustainable growth. Discussion participants will look into the near-term steps to be taken, the importance of the businesses' recommendations and how they can find their way into specific decisions of the G20 Leaders.

The commentary emerging from the Summit will be reflected in the White Book - the final version of the Business 20 proposals for the G20 Leaders concerning key economic challenges faced by the global community.

The updated Green Book
The complete Summit program