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  • Ksenia Yudaeva on the interview to the CCTV Channel

The aim of the G20 is to match diverging interests and elaborate joint policy, said Ksenia Yudaeva

In her interview to the CCTV Channel Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva spoke on the function of the G20, current situation in the world economy and the development of the Sino-Russian economic ties.

Describing the mandate and current tasks of the G20, Ksenia Yudaeva noted: "All countries have different appeals depending on their national interests. Of course, not all the interests are aligned, but this is why we have the G20 - for all these diverging interests to be brought together and for the joint policy to be elaborated."

Talking about the main economic issues of the moment, the Russian Sherpa emphasized the need for reform of the existing financial economic order and the G20's role in this process: "Now the world is, in a sense, in a much more difficult situation than it was in 2008 - we have some knowledge of what should be done at the peak of crisis, and it was actually done within the G20 commitments. But now the world economy is in a lengthy stagnation, which had never happened before. Thereby, the task for the G20 is to elaborate new policies and to reach consensus on how to take the world out of this stagnation."

Ms. Yudaeva also touched upon the issue of the development of economic ties between Russia and China: "We can see that Russia's involvement in trade with China and other Asian countries has increased dramatically over the previous seven years. We recognize that nowadays, in the world of global stagnation, cooperation with those partners who are still very dynamic and who make the biggest contribution to the growth of the global economy, such as China, is extremely important."

The full version of the interview may be viewed here