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  • G20 Sherpas' Meeting

The representatives of the outreach groups addressed the G20 Sherpas

On March 3-4, 2013 the Second G20 Sherpas' Meeting was held in Moscow within the framework of Russia's G20 Presidency. On the first day of the meeting delegates were addressed by the representatives of the G20 outreach groups - Business 20, Civil 20 and Youth 20. 

Oleg Preksin, Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and the Business 20 Sherpa, noted that B20 is striving to achieve a balance between the interests of the political elites, business community, and other stakeholders, for the sake of moving forward with international development. He also said that the RSPP intends to maximize the efficiency of the B20 efforts through practical and specific recommendations, as well as by means of establishing continuous interaction between the G20 and the B20 during the forthcoming and the following Summits.

The Business 20 Sherpa also pointed out that The 5th B20 Summit will be held in St.Petersburg, Russia, on June 19-21, 2013, which will be followed by a presentation of the recommendations to global leaders at the G20 Summit.

Co-Chair of Civil 20 Secretariat Alena Peryshkina claimed that the whole idea of the C20 was about establishing a productive dialogue between civil society and decision-makers, with the priorities outlined by the official agenda of Russia's G20 presidency taken into consideration, in order to make substantive contribution to policy recommendations based on the civil society assessment of the main agenda and particular areas of concern of the G20 Summit. She also reported on the structure of the C20 process. 

"The unique thing about us is that the C20 is absolutely inclusive, open to everyone who has something to share," - she emphasized. - "We have established the Dialogues Internet-platform that allows us to collect the proposals from all the members of civil society, wherever they are, which will be communicated to the Leaders."

Another Co-Chair of Civil 20 Secretariat Marina Larionova briefed the delegates on the work of the special C20 Task Force, which is preparing the C20 proposals for the G20 Leaders. The Task Force unites the representatives of different G20 member-countries and works in close collaboration with the UN. Draft report "Sustained and Balanced Growth Requires Equitable Policies" is to be presented and discussed at the Civil 20 Summit on June 13-14, 2013, in Moscow.

Marina Larionova admitted that from the civil society point of view rising economic inequality is a major economic, political, and social problem in almost all the G20 countries.

"G20 has instruments in place which have begun to address the issue," - Marina Larionova stated.

Roman Chukov, Head of the Y20 Russia 2013 Secretariat, emphasized that the Y20 Summit initiative gives an opportunity for the young global leaders to speak up their voices, to make a difference, and to convey their opinions to the world's Leaders. Thereby, the main goal of the Y20 Summit is to bridge this gap between the young people and the Leaders of the G20 nations, allowing for the young people's proposals on the most pressing global issues being heard. 

The agenda of the Y20 Summit 2013 is to be formulated by the Y20 delegates themselves within the two broad categories: international monetary and financial system reform, and sustainable development.

«Within the framework of the Y20 Summit 2013, which is to take place on June 18-21 in St.Petersburg, we are also planning to establish strong collaboration between all the outreach formats, therefore cross-sections among different groups of the G20 outreach dialogue will be held, with participation of the Business 20, the Civil 20 and the Labour 20 representatives," - Roman Chukov concluded.