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  • The Task Force on Employment Meeting opened in Moscow

The Task Force on Employment Meeting opened in Moscow

The Russian G20 Sherpa and Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate Ksenia Yudaeva in her welcoming remarks emphasized that employment is one of the key topics among the Russian Presidency's priorities and that many G20 Leaders pay special attention to this issue.

"We recognize that in the sphere of jobs and labour market tasks differ for different economies. The G20 unites countries with significant unemployment problems and those, where unemployment is not an issue. However, they are still facing the problem of creating quality jobs for development. Therefore, our goal is to exchange the best practices, and the result of the Task Force work should be a set of recommendations, from which every country will be able to define its own basket of the best suitable measures," - Russian Sherpa noted.

Alexey Vovchenko, Co-Chair of the meeting and the Russian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, spoke on the ETF agenda for this year and gave a brief presentation on monitoring labour market development.

"We see out task in making 2013 - a year of growth. Our discussions will be aimed at meeting the objectives set by the G20 Leaders in Los Cabos in 2012 and focused on three interrelated areas - job creation, labour activation and monitoring of labour market development and progress made by countries in implementing the G20 employment agenda. Though in different member-countries labour market conditions vary, we strongly believe that for all the countries job creation, labour activation and monitoring could contribute to making the labour market situation better, so we formulated our priorities accordingly," - Mr. Vovchenko said.

Margaret Kidd, another Co-Chair of the meeting and the Group Manager at the Australian Government Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations, reminded of the main results of the work done by the Task Force previously and shared her view on the priorities of the Russian Presidency.

"I strongly support Russia's priorities for the year. Examination of job creation and labour activation policies within the Task Force allows us to make an active contribution to the broader G20 priorities of growth and jobs," - Margaret Kidd admitted.

The Task Force on Employment works in close cooperation with the working groups of the Financial track. Andrey Bokarev, Director of the Department of International Financial Relations of the Russian Ministry of Finance, elaborated on the ways of interaction and coordination of work between the ETF and Finance Ministers' process. He reported, that Finance Ministers welcome the initiative by the Russian Presidency to organize the G20 Joint Labour and Finance Ministers Meeting, which is to be held in July, to continue broader discussion on the issue of job creation and labour market activation.

"From our point of view the Joint Meeting will be a very important opportunity to discuss what mutually reinforcing actions can be taken on the macroeconomic, labour market and social policy strands for stronger support of sustainable and balanced growth and better employment outcomes," - Mr. Bokarev said.