18 February 2013

Russian Deputy Labour Minister: for the first time the G20 program includes Joint Labour and Finance Ministers Meeting

On February 21-22, 2013 Moscow will host the first session of the G20 Task Force on Employment during Russia's G20 presidency. Representatives of the G20 task forces - Labour 20, Business 20, Civil 20, experts of the OECD, the International Labour Organization and the World Bank will also take part in discussing the issues of labor and employment.

Alexei Vovchenko, Russian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security, and Co-Chairman of the G20 Task Force on Employment, said in this regard: "During this period the G20 will pay special attention to the issues of labor market and employment. This is the first time that Labour and Finance Ministers will hold a joint meeting under the G20 program."

"This format will facilitate coordination of the interests of social and financial agencies, and elaborate joint action programs aimed at expanding human rights and opportunities," he explained.

"We expect the participants of the meeting to move closer to resolving one of the main issues facing many governments: how to meet simultaneously the financial, economic and social requirements of the public," Mr. Vovchenko added.

February discussions will be aimed at elaborating the agenda of the joint meeting of the G20 Labour and Finance Ministers that is due to take place in Moscow in July. Results of the discussions will be reflected in the Labour Ministers declaration and in a joint statement by Labour and Finance Ministers.

The G20 Task Force on Employment is actively promoting job creation and economic development. Set up in 2011, it is leading productive discussions of such major issues as creation of high quality jobs, employment of young people and professional training. In 2013 it will primarily work on job creation, providing employment opportunities for socially vulnerable strata and monitoring labour markets in the G20 member countries.