14 February 2013

Background information

The G20 Task Force on Employment (ETF) was established on an experimental basis for one year in 2011 as a forum for exchanging mutual experiences, best practices and policy responses to the employment related challenges faced by the G20 members. It was composed of the G20 government representatives, experts and worked in close co-operation with social partners and relevant international organizations, in particular with the ILO and the OECD. The ETF is chaired jointly by the incumbent G20 presidency and the following G20 presidency.

In 2012 the ETF played a significant role in promoting job creation and economic growth. Frank and productive discussions were organized on important issues such as creation of quality jobs, youth employment and apprenticeships. In Los Cabos the G20 Leaders supported the extension of the Task Force on Employment mandate for another year with its focus to be defined under the Russian Presidency.

In 2013 the ETF will continue to focus on implementation of the G20 Leaders' commitment to promote growth and jobs in particular through the lens of economic reform addressing these issues in more depth. The social aspects of this discussion will become part of broader topics including job creation, labour market policies and monitoring. The work of the ETF will be coordinated with the work of the Framework and Development Working Groups.

The ETF will consult broadly in order to provide a wide range of perspectives and practical inputs to the G20 Sherpas, and consequently - to the meeting of the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers, as well as their joint meeting with the G20 Finance Ministers aimed at providing sound results to the G20 Leaders by the Saint Petersburg Summit.

Three Task Force meetings are planned in 2013: in February, June and October. A special meeting of Ministers of Labour jointly with Ministers of Finance is organized in July.