20 June 2013

Business 20 Summit

On June 20-21, 2013 the Business 20 Summit entitled "В20-G20 Partnership for Economic Growth and Employment" was held as part of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Summit brought together over 500 leading businessmen from Russia and abroad and world's leading experts on global economy.

The Business 20 Summit included open task force sessions where the task forces presented their recommendations and offered them for public discussion. After that, the task forces were joining each other for the B20 plenary session given over to the discussion of the necessary preconditions for a new global economic development mode that may help secure sustainable growth. Discussion participants looked into the near-term steps to be taken, the importance of the businesses' recommendations and how they can find their way into specific decisions of the G20 Leaders.

The commentary emerging from the Summit is reflected in the White Book - the final version of the Business 20 proposals for the G20 Leaders concerning key economic challenges faced by the global community.