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St.Petersburg, Russia

Task Force on Employment Co-Chairs Meeting with G20 Finance Deputies

As part of preparatory process for the Joint Finance and Labour Ministers' Meeting, the meeting of heads of the ETF delegations and Deputy Finance Ministers was held on June 5. The discussion was focused on draft G20 Finance and Labour Ministers' Statement.

The Ministerial Meeting is traditionally preceded with Ministers' meeting with the social partners, during which the representatives of business community and labour unions share their vision of the policy priorities in the spheres of employment and labour market development.

One of the main issues on the meeting agenda was preparation for the Joint G20 Finance and Labour Ministers' Meeting. Meeting in such a format was convened for the first time in the G20's history, being an important innovation of the Russian Presidency. Its viability is suggested by the G20 members' decisiveness to deliver integrated labour market policy commitments, including not only employment policy, but also stimulating job creation through investment and development of financial institutions defining the investment climate in the G20 countries.



  • Storchak Sergey
    Sergei Storchak
    Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Alexei Vovchenko
    Alexei Vovchenko
    Russian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection