The Financial track

19 July 2013

Joint G20 Finance and Labour Ministers Meeting

The Joint G20 Finance and Labour Ministers Meeting was held in Moscow on July 19, 2013. The main theme of the meeting was "Coordinated Policies to Provide Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth and Supportive Environment for Job Creation." A high-level meeting in such a format was convened for the first time in the G20's history, being an important innovation of the Russian Presidency.

The Ministers' discussion of the above stated broad agenda was structured around the two interrelated topics, namely, governments' role in creating incentives and eliminating barriers to investment in job creation, and cost effective social policies to facilitate job creation and inclusive societies.

The meeting delivered practical integrated labour market policy commitments, including on employment policy, on stimulating job creation through investment, and on the development of the financial institutions framing the investment climate in the G20 countries.

The main outcomes of the meeting are reflected in the Joint Statement of the G20 Finance and Labour Ministers.