St.Petersburg and Russian Avant-Garde Art


The bold and dynamic design of the official logo of Russia's G20 Presidency is rooted in the traditions of Russian avant-garde art. It was in St.Petersburg, the city that will now host the G20 Summit, that this art movement emerged at the dawn of the 20th century.

With the largest collection of Russian avant-garde art in the world, the State Russian Museum, in cooperation with the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, has put together a digital collection entitled St.Petersburg and Russian Avant-Garde Art.

The collection features general studies on the history of Russian avant-garde art, as well as albums and exhibition catalogues on this art movement. Of special interest is the content that conveys the spirit of that period, film footage of St.Petersburg in the first quarter of the 20th century, rare postcards featuring avant-garde art designs for public celebrations, as well as Wassily Kandinsky's autobiography, published in 1918. The collection also features the typewritten libretto of the futurist opera by Mikhail Matyushin and Alexei Kruchyonykh "Victory over the Sun" (1913) bearing the censor's stamp and notes.

In addition to the holdings of the State Russian Museum and the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, the collection features materials from the St.Petersburg State Theater Library, the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, the Russian State Archive for Film and Photographic Documents, the State Tretyakov Gallery and private collections.

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Boris Dmitriyevich Grigoryev. The Peasant Family. 1923

Boris Dmitriyevich Grigoryev. View over a Country Town. 1924

Olga Pchelnikova. Composition

Olga Pchelnikova. Abstract Composition

Vera Mikhailovna Ermolayeva. Dancing Figures. Vitebsk, 1920

Alisa Poret. Abstract Composition. Circa 1921

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Ilya Chashnik. Suprematist Architecture. Circa 1925