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The G20 Task Force on Employment (ETF) was established in 2011 as a forum for exchanging mutual experiences and best practices in providing policy responses to the employment related challenges faced by the G20 members. It unites the G20 governments' representatives and world's leading experts, who work in close collaboration with social partners and relevant international organizations, in particular with the ILO, the OECD and the World Bank (since 2013). The ETF is chaired jointly by the rotating Presidencies of the G20 - the incumbent and the forthcoming.

G20 Task Force on Employment: Terms of Reference (download)
G20 Task Force on Employment: Sessions Overview (download)
G20 Task Force and Employment – Addressing Employment, Labour Market and Social Protection Challenges in G20 Countries; Key Measures since 2010 (download)
Short-term Labour Market Outlook and Key Challenges in G20 Countries (download)
Activation Strategies for Stronger and More inclusive Labour Markets (download)
Joint ILO and OECD Statement to the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting (download)
Addressing the Jobs Challenge in G20 countries (World Bank) (download)
Job Creation and Labour Activation Policies in G20 countries (download)

Energy Sustainability

In 2013 the G20 energy agenda is being discussed in the format of the Energy Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) that integrates a number of earlier G20's energy related activities, including the Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency working group's activities and Global Marine Environment Protection (GMEP) initiative. The group engages experts from all the G20 members, as well as representatives of a number of relevant international organizations, such as the International Energy Forum (IEF) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), as well as the World Bank, the IMF and the OECD.

Report on Practical Recommendations for Increasing Transparency in International Gas and Coal Markets (IEA, IEF, OPEC) (download)
Methodology for G20 Voluntary Peer Reviews on Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies That Encourage Wasteful Consumption (download)
Global Marine Environment Protection Initiative Website
Energy Regulators' Statement on ‘Sound Regulation and Promoting Investments in Energy Infrastructure' (download)
Energy Sustainability: Outline of energy agenda under the Russian G20 Presidency (download)
G20 Case Studies Report on Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency (download)
Report by the Finance Ministers to Leaders on G20's contribution on energy issues including on G20 work to facilitate better functioning of physical and financial commodity markets (download)

Climate Finance

G20 Climate Finance Study Group Progress Report (download)


The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) was established in June 2010, at the Toronto Summit. Its primary goal was to prepare "comprehensive recommendations for consideration by Leaders on how the G20 could continue to make practical and valuable contributions to international efforts to combat corruption". The ACWG actively collaborates with the World Bank, the OECD, the UNODC, the IMF, the FATF, as well as with the Business 20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption and the Civil 20 Working Group on Anti-Corruption. The present activities of the ACWG are built around the G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2013-2014.

G20 Leaders' Declarations on Corruption

G20 Leaders Declaration: Intensifying the Fight against Corruption (2013) (download)
G20 Leaders Anti-Corruption Commitments Compilation (download)

G20 Strategic Documents on Anti-Corruption

St.Petersburg Strategic Framework for the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (2013) (download)
G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2013-2014 (download)
G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan (2010) (download)

Monitoring reports

2013 Progress Report
    Part I – ACWG Progress (download)
    Part II – National Progress Highlights (download)
    Part III - Policy and Practice Highlights Matrix (download)
    Part III - Treaty and Legislative Framework Matrix (download)
    Part IV - Procurement Compilation (download)
    Part V - Education Compilation (download)
2012 Monitoring Report (download) and Monitoring Report Grid (download)
2011 Monitoring Report (download)

Guiding principles

Guiding Principles on Enforcement of the Foreign Bribery Offence (2013) (download) and Note on Enforcement of Foreign Bribery Offence (download)
Guiding Principles to Combat Solicitation (2013) (download) and Note on Solicitation (download)
High-Level Principles on Mutual Legal Assistance (2013) (download) and Note on Mutual Legal Assistance (download)
Common Principles for Action: Denial of Safe Haven (2012) (download)
High-Level Principles on Asset Disclosure by Public Officials (2012) (download)

Country Profiles

Asset Recovery Country Profiles (2013) (download)
Asset Tracing: Country Profiles (2012) (download)

Other materials

OECD Issues Paper on Corruption and Economic Growth (2013)
Requesting Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters from G20 Countries: A Step-By-Step Guide (2012) (download)
Study on G20 Whistleblower Protection Frameworks, Compendium of Best Practices and Guiding Principles for Legislation (2011) (download)

International Trade

International trade facilitation is recognized by the G20 as an important factor for economic growth, job creation and development. Thus the three main issues of the G20 trade agenda in 2013 are: (1) preventing growth of protectionism and continuing efforts necessary to curb protectionist measures; (2) strengthening and developing the multilateral trade system, supporting multilateral negotiations and the forthcoming WTO Ministerial conference in Bali; (3) continuing the discussion of the global value chains (GVC), started in 2012 in Los Cabos, in terms of possible implications for international trade and regulatory policies. Likewise, the G20 brings its attention to of the impact of higher transparency when signing RTAs, and application of trade-related measures going beyond the WTO mandate.

9th Report on G20 Trade and Investment Measures (WTO, OECD, UNCTAD) (download)
Report on Implications Of Global Value Chains For Trade, Investment, Development And Jobs (download)
Reports on G20 Trade and Investment Measures (May-October 2012) (download)
Trade in Value-Added: Concepts, Methodologies and Challenges (Joint OECD-WTO note) (download)
Eighth Report on G20 Investment Measures (download)
Reports on G20 Trade and Investment Measures (May-October 2012) - Joint Summary (download)
World Trade Report 2012. Trade and public policies: A closer look at non-tariff measures in the 21st century (download)


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